Calls for Tuesday, Crunch Time!

Dear Friends,

We’ve gotten word that the companion bill to A7389, the bill that would adopt a moratorium on proof of work cryptocurrency in NY, will be passed in the senate tomorrow. That’s the good news. 

But, it’s stuck in the Assembly. We must call and Tweet at Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes and urge them to move this bill through this session! 

Please urge them to support bill A7768 as well. These are both critical bills.

If they don’t pass this session, we’re at risk of having multiple power plants go online and follow Greenidge’s model across the state. 

Please call today, the session ends this Thursday June 10th!!!

Crystal Peoples-Stokes: 518-455-5005

Carl Heastie: 518-455-3791

Sample Tweets:

@CarlHeastie @CPeoplesStokes the senate will pass legislation on proof-of-work authentication today. We’re counting on the Assembly to move A7389 through this session! 

@CarlHeastie @CPeoplesStokes IF A7389 and A7768 don’t pass this session, NY is at risk of having multiple plants like Greenidge go online. We’re counting on you.

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