Hundreds of organizations, businesses, and labor groups, write to urge the Hochul administration to issue a statewide moratorium on Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining until a thorough statewide Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) is conducted

October 13, 2021
The Honorable Kathy Hochul
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Re: Call for an environmental assessment of Proof-of-Work Cryptocurrency Mining in NYS and denial of
permits for the Greenidge Generating Station and the Fortistar North Tonawanda Facility

Dear Governor Hochul:

We, the undersigned organizations, businesses, and labor groups, write today to urge your administration
to issue a statewide moratorium on Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining until a thorough statewide
Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) is conducted, and to deny the permits for the Greenidge
Generating Station and the Fortistar North Tonawanda Facility. These “mining” activities, particularly
Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency mining use enormous amounts of energy to power the computers needed to
conduct business – should this activity expand in New York, it could drastically undermine New York’s
climate goals established under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

Cryptomining is a relatively new technology that provides the basis for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies
such as Bitcoin are virtual currencies, which means they exist only online and there are no physical notes
and coins. Cryptocurrencies also don’t belong to a central bank, meaning they have no government backing.
They are international currencies and can be used to send money around the world without any identity
checks, making them a popular choice for cybercriminals involved in malicious or criminal activity. In the
ransomware attack on the Colonial pipeline, for example, the criminals were paid their “ransom” in

Digital currencies require authentication to prevent fraudulent transactions. PoW is the method that has the
most significant energy demands. In PoW authentication, complex mathematical equations are assigned to
each transaction and miners compete to solve them. The first one to solve an equation authenticates the
transaction and wins currency for their effort. The equations can only be solved by brute force guesswork,
so the person or company with the most computational power wins the most currency. With some currencies
valued at over $48,000 a coin, albeit in a highly speculative market, a global digital gold rush is taking
place with hundreds of millions of computers competing for an edge in the market.

In New York, data mining operations using warehouses full of computers have set up shop in upstate areas
siphoning electricity from New York’s grid, “re-powering” defunct fossil-fueled power plants, thus
seriously jeopardizing the state’s progress on and meeting mandates for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions. According to research from the New York Times, globally, Bitcoin mining consumes more
electricity than the entire country of Ireland, which is almost 0.5% of all electricity consumption

Other sources include:

Additionally, there are very few jobs created by this industry, with profits accruing to the few, but the
environmental impacts affect us all, particularly BIPOC communities that are often located near fossil fuel
power plants, and have been disproportionately affected by ongoing and legacy contamination.

New York must halt this move to turn old fossil-fuel powered plants into cryptomining centers until
a full environmental assessment is conducted on the impact that these operations will have on
greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the state’s air and water quality.

There are at least two fossil-fueled power plants in New York, the Greenidge Generating Station and the
Fortistar North Tonawanda Facility, that serve as a test for New York State. We urge your administration
to deny the Title V Air Permits for these two facilities, as they do not comply with the state’s climate

We were pleased to see Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos state that
“Greenidge has not shown compliance with New York’s climate law,” and we entirely agree. The GHG
emissions at the Greenidge Generating Station are skyrocketing. Greenidge’s current air permit allows
annual emissions of up to 641,878 tons of GHGs despite the fact that for the last ten years it emitted zero
emissions for six of those ten years, and emitted 119,207 tons of CO2 in 2018, 39,406 tons of CO2 in 2019,
and 228,303 tons of CO2 in 2020.

Additionally, the GHG emissions at the Fortistar North Tonawanda facility would further escalate should
it become a Bitcoin Facility as has been proposed. As a power plant serving the grid, the power plant’s
annual emissions were 12,448 tons of CO2 for 2018, 9,245 tons of CO2 for 2019, and 10,981 tons of CO2
for 2020. As a Bitcoin mining facility, these emissions would skyrocket – the permit application states that
the power plant’s potential CO2 emissions is estimated to be 339,068 tons per year, approximately thirty
times its 2020 CO2 emissions. The plant is also estimating large increases in several other harmful copollutants
including sulfur oxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter that will impact
local air quality and public health.

Most of the energy generated at these power plants will not go into the electrical grid. Instead, it is being
used by private technology companies where the financial rewards remain with the companies themselves
and their investors, while the environmental impacts are externalized, impacting our community, our state,
and our ever-warming world.

As you have witnessed in your early weeks on the job, the climate crisis in New York is here now. New
York City recently saw unprecedented flooding that led to the loss of lives – strong climate action is needed
now more than ever. We urge you to lead the way and set a national precedent on the issue of Proof-of-
Work cryptocurrency by issuing a statewide moratorium and denying the permits for Greenidge and

Thank you for your time and consideration of our comments.


1199 Service Employees International Union, United Healthcare Workers East

Todd Hobler

Executive Vice-President


Dorian Fulvio

All Our Energy George Povall Executive Director

Alliance for a Green Economy Andra Leimanis

Communications & Outreach Director

Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. Sarah Stewart


Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Dean Wilson

Executive Director

Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club Kathryn Bartholomew

Chapter Chair

Bear Meadow Dwain Wilder Luthier

Billsboro Winery

Vinny Aliperti and Kim Aliperti Owners

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Jill Jedlicka

Executive Director

Campaign for Renewable Energy Sara Hess


Catskill Mountainkeeper Wes Gillingham Associate Director

Cattaraugus-Chautauqua for Clean Water Glenn Wahl


Cayuga Lake Environmental Action Now John V. Dennis


Cayuga Lake Watershed Network Hilary Lambert Steward/Executive Director

Chemung County Mother’s Out Front Heather M. Stanton

Volunteer Team Coordinator

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – New York State Level Action Team

Bryan Swift

Co-Leader, CCL-NY State Level Action Team

Citizens’ Climate Lobby-Rochester Katie Rygg


Citizens’ Environmental Coalition Barbara Warren


Citizens to Preserve the Character of Skaneateles

Dessa Bergen Member

City of Geneva Steve Valentino Mayor

Clean Air Coalition of Greater Ravena- Coeymans

Barbara Heinzen

Steering Committee member

Clean Air Coalition of Western New York Emily Terrana

Director of Organizing

Climate Reality Finger Lakes Chapter Thomas Hirasuna

Chapter Chair

Climate Reality Project Joseph Pepe


Coalition for Outreach, Policy & Education (COPE)

Joseph Wilson Coordinator

Coastal Research & Education Society of Long Island, Inc.

Arthur H. Kopelman, Ph.D. President

Color Fairport Green Natasha Besch-Turner Board Member

ColorPenfieldGreen Katie Rygg


Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes Abi Buddington

Board Member, Secretary

Concerned Health Professionals of New York Carmi Orenstein

Program Director

Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation Policy (CIECP)

Michel Lee Chair

CUNY School of Law Environmental Justice Coalition

Jill Sifah Sigman Board member, EJC

Dan Rapaport Consulting Dan Rapaport


Denizens of the Biosphere Regi Teasley


Diocese of Central New York Charles Grover

Voluntary Priest

Dr. Watson Electric Debra Watson Office Manager

Dryden Resouorce Awareness Coalition Judith Pierppont

Founding Member

Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition Marie McRae


Earth Action, Inc. Mary Gutierrez Director

Earthjustice Mandy DeRoche

Deputy Managing Attorney, Coal Program

Energy Justice Network Mike Ewall, Esq.

Executive Director

Environmental Action Coalition Kelly Andreuzzi


Environmental Advocates NY Conor Bambrick

Director of Climate Policy

Environmental Justice Taskforce of the WNY Peace Center

Charley Bowman Chair

Episcopal Diocese of Central New York Patricia Kinney


First Unitarian Church of Rochester Shari Halliday-Quan

Lead Minister

Food & Water Watch Alex Beauchamp Northeast Region Director, LLC Diana Wright


Former EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck

Fossil Free Tompkins Irene Weiser Coordinator

FrackBustersNY Mary Finneran Co-founder

Gas Free Seneca Joseph Campbell President

Global Justice Ecology Project Theresa Church

Assistant Director

Grassroots Environmental Education Patti Wood

Executive Director

Green Education and Legal Fund Mark Dunlea


Indivisible Nassau County Skylar Bader


Keuka Spring Vineyards Leonard Wiltberger Owner

Kindred Fare Susie Atvell Owner

Law Office of Rachel Treichler Rachel Treichler


LEAD Agency, Inc. Earl Hatley

Grand Riverkeeper

Little Lakes Sustainability Network Tawn Feeney

Local Progress NY

Karen Mejia and Jennifer Mecozzi Co-Chairs

Long Island Progressive Coalition Lisa Tyson


Milwaukee Riverkeeper Cheryl Nenn Riverkeeper

Mothers Out Front New York Lisa Marshall

State Leadership Team

Mothers Out Front Tompkins Sheila Out

Organizing Member

Mountain Rise United Church of Christ Bill Bross

Chair of the Green Climate Action Team

Nassau Hiking & Outdoor Club Guy Jacob

Conservation Chair

Natural Resources Defense Council Marisa Guerrero

Advocacy Coordinator

Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow Adam Flint

Director of Clean Energy Programs

New Paltz Climate Action Coalition Jess Mullen


New Vines Todd Eichas Owner/Partner

New York League of Conservation Voters Reyna Cohen

State Policy Associate

New York Youth Climate Leaders Mandy Berghela

Co-director of Governmental Affairs

New Yorkers for Clean Power Jen Metzger

Senior Policy Advisor

NY Climate Advocacy Project Ruth Foster

Executive Director

NYCD16 Indivisible Natalie Polvere

Co-chair, Environment Committee

NYPAN Environmental Committee Cari Gardner


NYPAN Greene Donald Gardner Co-chair


Blair Horner Executive Director

PAUSE – People of Albany United for Safe Energy

Diana Wright Secretary

Peconic Baykeeper Peter Topping

Executive Director & Baykeeper

People for a Healthy Environment Doug Couchon


People’s Climate Movement – Capital Region Tina Lieberman


Ravines Wine Cellars Lisa Hallgren


Rensselaer Environmental Coalition Robert Welton

Treasurer on behalf of the Board of Directors

Residents Allied for the Future of Tioga (RAFT) Gerri Wiley


ResistSpectra Robert May Coordinator

ReWild Long Island Paul Merkelson Board Secretary

Riverkeeper Sean Keller

Special Assistant to the President

Rochester Area Interfaith Climate Action (RAICA)

Sarah Singal

Member, Steering Committee and Communications Committee

Rockland Goes Green Susan Freiman Founder

Safe Energy Rights Group Nancy Vann


Sane Energy Project Kim Fraczek Director

Saratoga-Warren-Washington Progressive Action



Save the Sound Tracy Brown

Regional Director, Water Protection

Seatuck Environmental Association Enrico Nardone

Executive Director

Seneca Lake Guardian Yvonne Taylor

Vice President

Sierra Club Niagara Group Sara Schultz


Sisters of Charity Federation Teresa Kotturan

Main NGO Representative at the UN

Sol Center Hildur Palsdottir Educator

Solidarity Committee of the Capital District Susan DuBois


South Shore Audubon Society Brien Weiner


Ss. Peter and John Episcopal Church, Auburn, NY

John Rohde Priest in Charge

St. James’ Episcopal Church Vestry, Clinton, NY

Katherine Collett Junior Warden

Stone Quarry House Nancy Norton President

Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline Ruth Foster

Board Member

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE) Suzannah Glidden

Co-founder Bill Kish

Founding Organizer

Sustainable Tompkins, Inc. Gay Nicholson


Syracuse DSA Ecosocialists Amber Ruther


Syracuse Peace Council Carol Baum


The Climate Reality Project: Capital Region, NY Chapter

Laura Faulk Chapter Co-Chair

The Climate Solutions Accelerator of the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region

Kristen Van Hooreweghe Director of Collaborative Action

The Episcopal Church at Cornell, The Church of the Epiphany, Trumansburg

Taylor Daynes Priest

Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative Peter Bardaglio


Town of Geneva Mark Venuti Supervisor

Transition Town Port Washington Margaret Galbraith


Ulster Activists of Ulster County Kristin Brown


United for Action Ling Tsou


United For Clean Energy Tina Bongar

Community Organizer

Upper Allegheny Waterkeeper-affiliate Pamela Digel


Uptown Progressive Action, a NYPAN chapter Ting Barrow

Member of Steering Committee

Veterans for Climate Justice Colleen Boland

Founder/U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Waterkeepers Chesapeake Robin Broder

Deputy Director

WESPAC Foundation, Inc. Nada Khader

Executive Director

Westchester Alliance for Sustainable Solutions Courtney Williams


XRA Rochester Linda Edwards Coordinator

Zion Episcopal Church of Windsor NY Geoffrey Doolittle

Parish Priest


12th Moon Astrology 17th Century Suds

A Holism In Sync

A Stone’s Throw B&B Abelson Law Office Acorn Designs

Admiral Peabody’s Lakeside Lodging Advanced Remodeling

Airy Acres Vineyard AKS Apartments, LLC

Aligned Business Concepts Amazing Grace Bed & Breakfast

American Canoe Association, Atlantic Division Ann Cain Crusade, R.N., M.S., L.Ac

Ann Sheldon, Life Coach Another Time Antiques Applegate Toys

Area Records Argetsinger Vineyards Atwater Vineyards

Autumn Leaves Used Books B&B: 448 East Broadway LLC

Bagley’s Poplar Ridge Vineyard

 Barnstormer Winery

Barry Family Vineyards

Bear Meadow Folk Instruments

Beef N’ Brew

Bella Stone Massage

Bellwether Cidery

Benedict Accounting and Tax Service

Berta’s Cafe

Bill Carini Gardens

Billsboro Winery
Bitterwind Hop Farm

Blackberry Inn B&B

Blecher Electric

Bloomer Creek Vineyard

Boathouse Beer Garden Bob and Dee

Bob and June’s Organic Coffee

Bostwick House B&B

Bottomless Brewing

Boundary Breaks Vineyard

 Bout Time B & B

Bramble: Community Herbalism

Bread ’N’ Roses

Brian Grafstein LMT

 Brian Keeler, Artist

Bumble & Co. B & B

Bunnell Associates

Burdett House B&B

Burford Books

Buried Treasures Organic Farm

Buttonwood Creek Tree Farm Calm Reflections

Camp Seneca Lake


Capricorn Hill Farms

Captain Bill’s & Seneca Harbor Station

Cash and Caring Auction Services

Castle Creek Kombucha

Catherine Cottages

Cathy Emilian Design

Cayuga Chiropractic & Wellness

Cayuga Morning Star B & B

Caywood Vineyards

Charles Limousine Service

 Chateau Lafayette Reneau

Chefs for the Marcellus

Cherry Orchard B & B

Church Creative Flooring, Inc.

Cindy Lane-Newcomb; Raven’s Landing

Clean Team

Clear Path Healing Arts Center

Climbing Bines Hop Farm and Brewery

 Cloud 9 Wellness

Compost International

Cortland Beer Company, LLC

Cottage Views B & B

Cotton Club at the Windmill

Cowlick Farms

Creating Change

Creativelink Photo/Graphics Services

 Creekside Cafe

Crestwood Pools Inc.

Crooked Lake Winery

Cummins Nursery

Curry Creek Vineyards

Custom Care Pharmacy

D. Bordwell Editorial Services

 Damiani Wine Cellars

Dan Rapaport Consulting

Dano’s Heuriger Daphne’s Delights

Darlene Bordwell Photography

David Mooney-State Farm Insurance

Deep Lake Industries

DeMarco Vineyards

Derek’s Diner

Dewitt Park Inn

Digital Wires

Discovery Massage

Dixie O’Connor, Fine Arts

 Down to Earth Markets

Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars

DS Hoffman, Luthier

Dundee Scottish Festival of the Finger Lakes

Eagle Crest Vineyards/ O-Neh-Da Vineyard

Earthgirl Flowers
Earthgirl Pottery

East Side Dog Services

Echoes of the Glen B & B

 Edible Finger Lakes

Eli Thomas Art

Ely Fruit Farms Emery Vineyards

Eminence Road Farm Winery

Enigma Skin Care Studio

Eremita Winery

Eve’s Cidery

Evolving Studios Exercise Enterprise


Faith Muirhead, Educational Consultant

 Farm Kind

Farmer Ground Flour

Farmshed CNY

Finger Lakes Clean Waters Initiative, Inc

Finger Lakes Concierge

Finger Lakes Distilling

Finger Lakes Estate and Auction Company

 Finger Lakes Florist

Finger Lakes Foie

Finger Lakes Food Company, LLC

Finger Lakes Gifts and Lounge

Finger Lakes Mill Creek Cabins

Finger Lakes Natural Health

Finger Lakes Soap Company

Finger Lakes Transport and Tours

Finger Lakes Vacation Rental

Finger Lakes Waterfall Resort

Finger Lakes Website Services

Fingerlakes Angling Zone Guide Service

Firehouse Distillery

Fleur De Lys of the Finger Lakes

 FLX Table

FLX Winery

Forever Green Tree Care Services

Forge Cellars

Fork & Gavel Cafe at Cornell

Fossil and Till

Fox Pond Products

Fox Trot Stables

Free Spirit Design Glass

Free to Be Me Coalition for Peace

 Frisch Kitchen

Frog Hollow Marina

Frontenac Point Vineyard and Winery Fruit Yard Winery

Geneva Bicycle Center Gentle

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GentlyBorne Midwifery

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Gimme! Coffee Inc.

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Golden Knight Inn & Suites

Golden Orb Tattoos and Piercings

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Good Karma Candles

Good to Go! Market

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Graphic Connections

Greensprings Natural Cemetery

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Halsey’s Wood Fire Bistro

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Hayward House B&B

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Heart & Hands Wine Company

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Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm

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Idol Ridge Winery

Ileen Kaplan Piano Service

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Inner Decisions Interludes

International Climbing Machines

 Irish Carpentry

Italy Hill Produce

Ithaca Acupuncture- Integrative Medicine Center

Ithaca Soap/17th Century Suds

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JCC of Greater Rochester Jeremy and Erica Crytzer Jesi Turner, Musician Joe’s Hots

Joseph M Rao Inc. Journeyman Services JR Dill Winery

Just a Few Acres Farm Just Desserts

Kali Herbs

Kate Gustin, CPC – Joy of Living Health and Life Coach

Keep in Touch Therapeutic Massage Keuka Artisan Bakery & Deli

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Kirton’s Farm Market Knapp Winery

Krys Cail, Farm and Food Business Development Consulting

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First Flight Est. 1987

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Frontenac Point Vineyard – Estate Winery Est. 1979

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Ginny Lee Cafe Est. 1983

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Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, Inc. Est. 1985

Heart & Hands Wine Company Est. 2006

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Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards Est.1979

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Ingle Vineyard Est. 1972

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Macro Mamas Est. 1992

Magnolia Place Bed & Breakfast Est. 1997

McGregor Vineyard Est. 1971

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NYSP2I Est. 2005

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Rasta Ranch Vineyards Est. 1993

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Robinia Redux Locust Fence Post Plantation Est. 1979

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