Call Gov Hochul NOW thru Monday 10/18 evening

HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD THIS WEEKEND:  We need each one of you to take 15 minutes this weekend to call Governor Hochul and personally invite at least 10 of your friends and family to do the same.  As of Friday there were 205 people who had called.  I didn’t realize how impactful these calls are, which are sponsored by Food and Water Watch.  They are super impactful!  So, let’s join together and spend 15 minutes and connect with 10 people who can do the same this weekend or through Monday 10/18 evening.  

Here’s what to copy and paste into an email / social media post to hopefully generate more calls in addition to the 10 people you text/call directly.  Can’t stress how important this is to do.  Consider a small personal message you could share with your network to encourage them to take action too :).


Call Governor Hochul: Stop Bitcoin mining fracked gas power plants in NYS:

CALL 877-235-6537 (Liz Moran of EarthJustice will give you suggested comments when you call this number and then you can either leave a voice mail or speak with someone directly.)

*** Urge Governor Hochul to stop proof of work crypto businesses, like Bitcoin mining operations in New York, starting with the denial of the permit for Greenidge and the upcoming permit for Fortistar, and to place a moratorium on cryptocurrency mining statewide.


(I was talking the other day with a guy from the upper peninsula of Michigan who is a foreman on a electrical pole replacement project in our ROC neighborhood and he ended up talking with his state senator about the issue and I’m now connecting him with additional information to get the word out to the state of Michigan to warn them about proof of work cryptocurrency operations which might want to move into their communities.  I share this to reinforce the importance of sharing widely.  We know we don’t want this harmful, extractive industry to take hold in other communities.  Take any and all opportunities to share please.)


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Together we can impact change.  Please take 15 minutes to call Governor Hochul’s office and have your voice counted.  Please share personally with 10 others and ask them to do the same.  Please share on social media as well.  Now is the time!

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