Support.Com + Greenidge Generation Merger Vote 9/10/2021

Are you a Support.Com shareholder? If so, do you know the truth about Greenidge Generation?

Greenidge Generation is operating a cryptocurrency mining facility in the #FingerLakes on decades-old permits. What’s more, they’ve been emitting insanely high carbon emission levels since they opened shop, pouring millions of gallons of hot water into Seneca Lake, and polluting the air and water in the region. 

Is this *really* who you want to be in business with? We encourage you to #VoteNOtoGreenidge this Friday. It’s only a matter of time before a dangerous crypto mining facility could end up in your backyard.

It’s on all of us to ensure our environment prospers for generations to come.

@greenidge_GREE poses a threat to that idea by polluting the #FingerLakes at alarming rates. But this isn’t just about the Finger Lakes. Environmentally unsafe crypto mining practices are a threat to us all. @support_com shareholders: #VoteNOtoGreenidge.

What Are and Greenidge Generation?

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