No private power with public risks!

The Greenidge Station in Dresden New York is burning fracked gas for bitcoin mining while claiming its providing a public utility. This facility is polluting the  air and water in the local community and needs to be stopped. Join CPFL in our effort to monitor and stop this project from going forward in the Finger Lakes. No community should bear the environmental costs of such an operation!

Background on Greenidge Generation

Greenidge Power

Greenidge is an old coal power plant with an already bad environmental history. It was converted to a gas-fired plant for use as a “peaker plant”- to be used only when excess energy was needed by the grid, and not run continually.

Now, its out of state owners at Atlas Holdings want to expand operations by proposing an increase of 700% from historical use for a privately owned bitcoin operation which would consume enough power to fuel more than 90,000 homes.

That’s bigger than 2 of Amazon’s immense data centers; all so millionaire Private Equity guys in Connecticut can generate 5 bitcoins per day.

Greenidge is using a 67-year old steam turbine that operates at 35% efficiency and should have been retired decades ago (by comparison modern turbines operate at 65% efficiency).

Recent News

What is happening now?

September 3, 2020

There has been limited demand for power from the NYSEG power grid. Greenidge operated at roughly 6% capacity in 2019 as a peaker power plant. Greenidge is changing their model to include producing […]

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August 2020 Backgrounder

August 31, 2020

Protect Seneca Lake and Town of Torrey ResidentsFrom the Greenidge Power Plant & Bitcoin Mining Data Center in Our Backyard [Click to view as PDF] Protect Seneca Lake and Town of Torrey ResidentsFrom […]

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FORBES Article re: Greenidge Power

August 13, 2020

“Bitcoin Mining Can Be Profitable, If You Generate The Power” A brief history of the Greenidge power plant, its location in the Finger Lakes wine country, and the introduction of Bitcoin mining. . […]

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Article by Peter Mantius

June 11, 2020

“PSC Says Greenidge’s Bitcoin Mining Operation Isn’t Subject to Regulation, Dismissing Environmental Concerns“ ALBANY, June 11, 2020 — The state Public Service Commission ruled today that Greenidge Generation LLC’s use of unmetered electricity to […]

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