Common Criminal Michael

Note: Many of us know Michael Dineen the Ovid resident and farm owner who taught us all how to create and carry out successful frack ban petition drives in our towns.  One of “The Seneca Twelve”, he has been sentenced to jail for pleading guilty and refusing to pay the $375 trespassing fine, after their arrest at a protest in Reading of Inergy’s potential liquid petroleum and natural gas storage facility on the banks of Seneca Lake.

Just talked to Michael. This is now Day 2 of them NOT filling his meds (anti-depressants) and that is exactly what I had feared. So I called the Jail Administrator and he is not at work today or tomorrow. I begged the woman at the desk to please do something about this, to help him stay calm.

I visited with him for an hour last night. He was in good spirits but very cold at night and disappointed that he will be in lock-down until Tuesday at the earliest, meaning they won’t let him have anything to write or read.

The manual says he is allowed to have underwear, socks and 1 sweatshirt from home. But all his sweatshirts were hoodies, which are not allowed. So I brought a double-knit Henley and they rejected that because it had 3 tiny buttons, which I offered to rip off with my teeth, but the guard said, “NO.” After my visit I asked the guard if I could drop off a sweatshirt today at the desk, since I’m not allowed to visit until Sunday. Again, he said, “NO.” Michael told me this morning on the phone that the guard led him back to his cell after our visit. Michael wasn’t saying anything and yet here’s what this guard said to Michael: “YOU MAY BE PROUD OF YOURSELF, BUT YOU’RE JUST A COMMON CRIMINAL TO ME.”

Can someone help me get the local press, near Watkins Glen, to interview him?

Can you help me with outreach today to bring people to the vigils AND/OR write Letters to the Editor? Michael wants us to have impact. I will report whoever joins this page. Please share it broadly. People can RSVP here. It will help the cause and the morale of our 3 beloved inmates!

Love and solidarity!
Jan Quarles (Michael’s wife)


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