Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson Cries NIMBY and Sues the Frackers

Rex Tillerson is the chairman, president, and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Under Tillerson’s leadership Exxon acquired XTO Energy, making Exxon the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S.

Go ahead, look it up.  I’ll wait.  And here is some “About” text from the XTO web site you can confirm:

XTO Energy Inc. was founded in 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Safely and responsibly extracting natural gas from U.S. shale and other tight formations is our principal business. We also produce crude oil and natural gas liquids in the United States.

We’re the nation’s largest holder of natural gas reserves, and we have one of the highest drilling success rates in the industry.

We operate throughout the United States, from the Great Plains to Appalachia. You’ll find us in places such as Montana and Pennsylvania, Utah and Louisiana, and Texas and Ohio. We own interests in approximately 40,000 producing oil and natural gas wells across the country.

XTO Energy Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corporation merged in 2010.

In March 2013, Rex and his wife, in conjunction with five other well-to-do neighboring couples from Bartonville, Texas, filed a lawsuit.  According to petition No. 2012-30982-211 filed in the district court of Denton County, Texas, Rex and Renda live on their Bartonville ranch, named Bar RR Ranches, LLC, which has a fair market value in excess of $5 million.


Why? The plaintiffs wish to enjoin the water company from building a 750,000 gallon water tower that “will loom over the Plaintiffs properties at a height of 160 feet – the equivalent of a 16 story building.” And furthermore, the plaintiffs claim the water company intends to “sell water to oil and gas explorers for fracing shale formations leading to traffic with heavy trucks on FM 407, creating a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.”

We certainly are sympathetic to the Tillersons’ and their neighbors’ fears, honest American citizens, Texans moreover, with ordinary sensibilities wishing to simply live their lives in peace, quite, and good health in their own homes/ranches. Or as they most eloquently put it: Continue reading

Fracking’s Cracking House Foundations (The Marcellus Effect: 12/09/12

A homeowner in Portage County, Ohio, blames fracking at a well 1,000 feet away for damage to her house. The damage started in September, soon after the well went online. There are cracks in her walls and ceiling and through the masonry of her fireplace. Water has been leaking through the chimney and into her house – and her homeowners insurance isn’t going to cover the damage.

Two separate structural engineers have examined the cracks and confirm that they are caused by vibrations. Even though the well is 1,000 feet away, the vibrations sound like a helicopter outside her window.
Homeowners in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles are also complaining about cracks in their homes. Continue reading

Gas field workers cited in Pa. hospital’s losses (12/24/12:AP)

Dec 24, 2012: Written by Associated Press

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. – The first operating loss in about five years at a north-central Pennsylvania hospital is a sign of the influx of natural gas field workers without health insurance, the facility’s CEO said.

Jersey Shore Hospital president and CEO Carey Plummer told the Sun-Gazette of Williamsport that many subcontractors attracted to the area’s Marcellus Shale drilling boom do not cover employees.

That has brought a growing number of uninsured people to the community-owned, nonprofit hospital, Plummer said.

“We had a loss,” Plummer said. “I don’t think it’s a sign of the economy. I think it’s the influx of the gas, industry and those who lack insurance.”

The hospital reported an operating loss of $770,000 while providing more than $3 million in care to people unable to pay in its most recent fiscal year. The uncompensated care figure is the highest it has ever seen.

Other significant factors contributing to the hospital’s losses include cuts in Medicaid reimbursements, employee salary increases and higher pension costs, Plummer said.

Jersey Shore is about 65 miles north of Pennsylvania’s capital of Harrisburg. The hospital says its service area covers about 45,000 people in Clinton and Lycoming counties. It reported 3,260 acute care days, 67,691 outpatient visits and 14, 835 emergency room visits in the most recent fiscal year.

With about 660 wells, Lycoming County is the fourth most heavily drilled county in the Marcellus Shale rush that began in earnest in 2008, according to state records. The footprint in Clinton County is smaller, with just under 100 since then. The state’s two most heavily drilled counties, Tioga and Bradford, are neighbors of Lycoming County.


  • An example of the negative economic impact that drilling can have on a local economy. It is definitely not as simple as some portray it, that drilling brings jobs with no downside. Also shows that many of the jobs that are created are with subcontractors who don’t offer benefits and don’t pay well enough for the employees to pay for their own health care.
  • What are the Health Issues all of these uninsured Gas Workers are going to the hospital for?
  • Is this something the public should be alerted about? This would be a worthwhile follow up story for this article. Michael Holmstrom ·
  • Wow, the energy industry commercials made it sound like they make high paying jobs, so why does this happen? Marianne Waldow ·
  • Fracking benefits the gas industry’s profits and nothing else. Overall, fossil fuel addiction will speed climate change and increase severe, erratic weather patterns. Most fracking well construction jobs go to out of state workers and they apparently are not benefiting as much as the industry would have us believe. The water, air and land are poisoned by the fracking process, and excessive amounts of water, which would do more good for drinking and farming, are used in the process. And here is demonstrated another negative impact of fracking. Brian Oram
  • It would be nice to have more details about all the costs that impacted the bottom line. William Henry ·
  • They make good money and should be charged or put a lean on there employer.


Shale Gas Economics Expert Deborah Rogers: 4 Appearances

Deborah Rogers, a Shale Gas Economist, will speak at four upcoming appearances in the Finger Lakes this March.  She will discuss her insights into the Gas Drilling Industry in a presentation entitled “In Their Own Words: Examining Shale Gas Hype”.  Subjects covered will include the Industry’s ponzi scheme behavior with land acquisition and drilling leases as well as its questionable profitability in actual market conditions. She is unique in her professional credentials as an economist and financial adviser as well as her first hand interaction with the Gas Companies in the heart of the Texas drilling region.  There will be a Q&A session during which many aspects of the economics of hydrofracking will be discussed.

Admission is free.  These appearances are sponsored by Coalition to Protect New York, Hector Clean Waters, Gas Free Seneca and Committee to Preserve The Finger Lakes.

Finger Lakes Appearances

  • Wednesday March 21 6:30 PM
    Albright Auditorium, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    20 St. Clair Streeet, Geneva, NY
  • Thursday March 22 7:00 PM
    Watkins Glen Elementary School Auditorium
    612 S. Decatur Street, Watkins Glen, NY
  • Friday March 23 7:00 PM
    Groton High School Auditorium
    400 Peru Road, Groton, NY
  • Saturday March 24 7:00 PM
    Penn Yan Middle School Auditorium
    515 Liberty Street Penn Yan, NY

About Deborah Rogers

Deborah Rogers began her financial career in London working in Investment Banking, Continue reading