Fracking’s most horrifying health risks (Salon: 12/03/12)

New York State’s Department of Health is finally assessing the dangers — but is there time to address them?

BY ALTERNETFracking's most horrifying health risks(Credit: AP/Ed Andrieski)

The good news is that a public health department— New York State’s Department of Health (DOH)— is finally undertaking an assessment of fracking’s likely health risks. The bad news is that it’s questionable whether it will allow adequate time to do a credible and complete job. Continue reading

Fracking Our Food Supply

Read the article by Elizabeth Royte in the December 17, 2012 edition of The Nation

Excerpt: “In Louisiana, seventeen cows died after an hour’s exposure to spilled fracking fluid. (Most likely cause of death: respiratory failure.) In north central Pennsylvania, 140 cattle were exposed to fracking wastewater when an impoundment was breached. Approximately seventy cows died; the remainder produced eleven calves, of which only three survived. In western Pennsylvania, an overflowing waste pit sent fracking chemicals into a pond and a pasture where pregnant cows grazed: half their calves were born dead.”

Before & After: Bakken Cattle
Cattle on the Schilke ranch in North Dakota, before and after fracking on neighboring land. –from The Nation article