Analysis of Marcellus Flowback Finds High Levels of Ancient Brines (ScienceDaily: 12/18/12)

Dec. 18, 2012 — Brine water that flows back from gas wells in the Marcellus Shale region after hydraulic fracturing is many times more salty than seawater, with high contents of various elements, including radium and barium. The chemistry is consistent with brines formed during the Paleozoic era, a study by an undergraduate student and two professors in Penn State’s Department of Geosciences found.

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Shale drillers want to move wastewater on barges (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:12/16/12

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Auburn Drilling-water treatment debate rekindled

AUBURN — City Councilor Matthew Smith surprised many residents Thursday when he asked City Manager Douglas Selby to draft a resolution lifting the city’s seven-month-old ban on treating wastewater produced by natural gas drilling.
. . .Terry Cuddy, a founder of the Cayuga Anti-Fracking Alliance, maintained that water from any well should stay out of the treatment plant.
“It’s not made to handle natural gas drilling water, it’s designed to handle sewage,” he said. “They’re putting the wastewater treatment plant at risk in the interest of generating more money.” . . .

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